Citizen Portal

The Citizen Portal works in conjunction with the mobile application to offer citizens the best possible view of the state of affairs within the various cities of the world. It offers a number of interesting features:

World View

The world view displays all cities monitored through Urbanoe. You can do basic search on a particular city or particular region. It allows you to get a global perspective on things.

City View

This is the most interesting view for a citizen. You can view the latest report, checkout what's been found in one part of the city. You can get statistics about issues reported, solved, etc. It also offers you a way to contact the city.

Issue View

The issue view allows you to review everything that was said and done about a particular problem. You will find the location information, pictures of the problems, discussion and rating for it.

Citizen Profile View

Reports are raised by people and therefore people's reputation is everything. You can checkout how active a user is, what problems he's raised and his overall reputation in the system.


The dashboard is where you see your personal information. It contains all of the information that is accessible through the public profile but also some extra information. For example, through the dashboard, the user can manage the relationships he has with cities.